Payroll &Compensation

Our state of the art Payroll & Compensation Studio helps you get your employees paid on time. Spend less time on Payroll and spend more time on your business! Paismo’s Payroll Studio offers a wide-array of allowance and deduction modifications to assure we are catering to each and every one of your employees.

payroll management

Easy Payroll Setup

Paismo is built with flexibility first in mind. We understand that every business is different and we have created the ability to run different types of Payroll, whether it's bi-Monthly or Monthly, set up Payroll with Paismo in minutes!

payroll management

Custom Payroll Runs

Paismo understands that there are multiple types of Payroll fields in your business such as Fuel Allowance or Loans Deductions. In order to save you time we have created a customized solution where you can easily create these fields and manage them yourself and be assured that these fields are only applied to your Paismo Account. Manage these fields per across your business, department or specific employee.

payroll management

Payroll Reports

Paismo Compliance is utmost important. Paismo keeps your Payroll Reports for up to 5-7 years so that you can be rest assured your data is safe. Paismo also runs backups and has implemented servers that never go down so that your reports are safe and accessible when needed.

Sync Payroll with Attendance Tracking

Accessible Payroll Reports + Payslips

Upcoming Banking Integrations

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